The Ghostlight
The Cycle of Passion
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A deeper and sensual love
          (Adult content)


The cycle of passion

Searing visions of us
Fill my mind with desires
Hot blood rushes through my veins
Causing my skin to flush,
My senses to heighten,
My emotions to pique,
My passion to flare
I am near spent with just the anticipation
Of what is to be
When you and I
Come together
In every way two souls possibly can
Together we die
And then
Live again only to die again
In each others arms
A viscious cycle this is
But not one without its rewards
Its pleasures are unbounded
Just as the cycle itself


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To look longingly and lovingly
Into your eyes
During the tenderness of intimacies
Within you, seeing my reflection in your eyes
Knowing I am there
Not only within you physically
But within you mentally, spiritually..
Within your eyes
Within your soul
Within your heart
Totally within you, there I am caged
My animalistic tendencies quelled
For the moment, at rest, deep within you
I feel the very essence of life
That which causes me to breathe
My heart to beat, my blood to course my veins
There within you I find a reason to live
I find a passion to love, I find you..and I
And I know from that moment
Why we are.

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To Be

To be deep within you
To feel the velvety smoothness of your womanhood
As I slowly enter you
The head of my manhood gently parts those soft wet lips
so supple are they
So delicately they kiss my firmness
As I draw myself out I can see a thin silvery thread
Your moistness is such it is dripping from you
It clings to me as I pull out of you
So wet and warm you are
Invited I am to enter again
And again
And again
I plunge deeply into you adn feel your lips at the very base of my
I can feel the softness of the little tuft of feminie down
As it tangles with my own
I can hear the sweet sounds of you and I
Moving together
So wet it sounds
You are so warm and your grip is enticing
I do not want to ever part from you
I wish only to remain within you
I seated upright
You seated on me, facing me
Together we rock in unison, for and aft
WItheach rocking motion
I move in and out of you
You grind your lips into the base of me
I can feel your liquid of love as it begins to run down my bottom
With each thrust I feel your liquid laden lips slide slowly along my
Your juices flow and spill over onto me
They travel down to my bottom and we are both so wet now
Amazing it is to hold on to this space in time
To not let go
To keep our explosions in check until the other is ready to take that
Off the cliff, the peak
Ready am I to catch you when you fall
Are you ready to catch me
Shall we now leap
Come with me my love
Let us die in each others arms
Are you ready my love
When we have leept and fallen
We will hold each other until the spasms quell
TIed in a knot of love
We fall together
We land in each others arms
And now, off to sleep
So wet, so drained, so pleased
Lifes needs for the moment satiated
But only for the moment


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All that we need

My passion is aflame
With your touch upon me
Electricity flows
Through every fibre of my being
Snapping, sparking, alighting my senses
Your fingers, gently you draw them
Along my skin
I quiver in anticipation
Of what lies ahead
As the minutes pass
And slowly turn to hours
Would that these moments
Last forever
Would that these intimacies
We share
Sear our souls with memories
To cherish, to recall
Would that these feelings
Be all that we need
To sustain our lives

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Warm Still Waters
The beads of perspiration of our melding bodies gather.
They begin to flow, like tributaries, moving, to gather with others
Forming yet even greater flows....soon too great to remain upon us
A pool forms at our feet.
Although continuing to form, it remains still, very still
Still waters gather at our feet.....
In the water there is oneness with the throbbing ocean
The flowing rivers, the falling rain
We become the shrouding fog the choking steam the cooling sweat....
As the cool tears of Father Sky gently rain
Upon you and I, we are chilled
We feel the coolness of each drop
The cool turns to cold and causes our muscles to quiver and flinch
In an effort to generate internal warmth
As we shiver against the cold
We are deep in thought of the still waters that await us
The warm still waters that will envelop us at our journeys end.
The spasms quell, we are now warmed with visions of journeys end

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The Sensual Journey
You are lying before me
I slowly move towards you
Kissing the tops of your feet
I continue upward with my little kisses
Along your legs
I run my tongue over your skin
Tasting it, tasting you
Your essence
Further up I go
First the right leg, then the left
Back and forth on my journey
To where they meet
It is a long journey
Minutes pass
With each kiss
I linger more
More and more of your essence
Fills my  tastebuds
Another sense is aroused
Another essence is detected
The essence of your womanhood
Grows stronger as I near its origin
As I reach the point where
Your legs come together
I am greeted
By a most pleasant taste
A most desired scent
I become delerious
Your essence is intoxicating
I must have more
I crave it
The tuft of feminine down
Covering your pleasure mound
tickles my nose
As I press my tongue to your lips
Your taste explodes upon my tongue
I explore your lips
First the right
Then the left
Then I draw them both
Into my mouth
And I suckle them
I hear you moan
And I know it is good
I release your lips from mine
I gently part your lips with my fingers
Like the petals of a rose
And I reveal a tiny pearl
A rosebud
Neatly tucked away
Protected by your full, warm lips
I gently flick at your rosebud
With my tongue
Titilating you
Tantalizing you
Teasing you
When I hear your moans
Growing deeper, longer, louder
I take your rosebud into my mouth
And I suckle it
Pulling it in deeper and deeper
I can feel it throb
Against my tongue
Your scent, your taste
Driving me to continue
You grasp at me
My head is clutched in your hands
Your nails pierce my skin
The pleasure of agony
Fills my mind
Your essence
Your expressions
Your nails grasping me
Draws me deeper and deeper
Into the realm of your sensuality
I cannot break from its grasp
I am now yours
And there is no turning back
Closer to the edge of the mountain
I push you
You are teetering on the brink of falling
Hanging on, not wanting to go
I push harder
You begin to slip
There is nothing to hold onto
With a wail you let go and
You fall
In open space, free air
Nothing to stop you
You plummet from the peak
Falling faster, faster
You continue to grasp at me
To hold on
But to no avail
The fall continues
Helpless you are to stop
At the last moment
The very last second
I reach for you
And you land
In my arms
Crumpled in a heap
Languishing in tremors
In my arms
For a moment you rest
Then, I raise my mouth
From your womanhood
I look deep into your eyes
And ask you
"Are you ready to climb....
The mountain....

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The Rest of the Breast

Around and around and around
A circuitous route
As I travel about
That most perfect form of nature
That orb of flesh so soft
The breast
And situate thereupon
And yet
Circular form
The areola
That darker shaded
Pleasure center
Upon the the creamy white orb
And contained therein
Yet an even more
Pleasureable object
Standing proud and firm
In a state of excitement
The nipple
I feel it press against my toungue
Slowly I draw my lips about it
Then drawing away
With a thin silvery thread
Clinging to my toungue
And to that firm
Little object
Of my immediate attention
The nipple
But wait.....
Tarry not shall I
On this one spot
On this one object
For there is oh so much moer
Waiting for the tenderness of my touch
The warmth of my breath
The moisture on my lips
The stroking of my toungue
Yes--- there is more
There is the rest....
Of the breast
Gently lifting
That precious symbol of womanhood
That cradle of motherhood
There beneath that lovely breast
Is a fold of flesh
Hidden by the breast
Where the breast meets the chest
Is a place of such sensitivity
So erogenous
That when touched
Kissed, tasted or caressed
Brings such pleasure to you
As it pleases me to give you
The rest of the breast
Firmly pressing my toungue
Into and along
This hidden
And oft forgotten treasure
I listen to your many moans of pleasure
Once thoroughly moistened by my toungue
This journey has only begun
Now running my teeth
Along and beneath
That hidden pleasure zone
You whimper, you purr
Then I know
I've made you my own
And I know I'll be taking you places
New heights of pleasure
New passionate peaks
Before this night is done
The wonderful journey
Which we take together
This union truely blessed
By simply exploring the unknown
The hidden and oft forgotten
The rest---- of the breast


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Michael Francis Palmosina II
Copyright 2002 Michael Francis Palmosina II

          Music playing
      Lets Make Love
Sung by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw